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Who we are?

Not Your Traditional DSO

Keeping you connected to a network of like-minded entrepreneurial dentists

MCA Dental Group is a pioneer Dental Support Organization (DSO)

Founded in 2016 by our visionary CEO, Ken Craig, we have grown to encompass a network of dental clinics across Ontario and Quebec. At MCA Dental Group, we pride ourselves on partnering with entrepreneurial dentists, offering them the support and resources they need to grow their practices and provide exceptional dental care.


Meet our CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO of MCA Dental Group, I extend a warm invitation to dental practice owners considering the next phase of their professional journey. At MCA, we pride ourselves on a partnership approach that respects the legacy you’ve built, ensuring the continuity of care and the values that define your practice. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the dental industry, and our model is designed to support your transition seamlessly, providing financial security and operational excellence without sacrificing the personal touch your patients have come to expect. Joining MCA means becoming part of a community that values collaboration, continuous learning, and shared success. Let us handle the complexities of management and operations, allowing you to focus on what you do best: delivering exceptional dental care.

Explore a future with MCA Dental Group, where we believe in nurturing growth, upholding quality, and enhancing the dental practice environment for all.

– Ken Craig, MCA CEO & Co-Founder

Our Values

We partner with entrepreneurial dentists across Canada to grow
their regions through acquisitions and organic growth.

We step up and lift others up

Our commitment to excellence is matched by our dedication to support and empower every member of our team.

We set goals and relentlessly pursue them

Each target we set is a promise to ourselves and our clients that we will strive tirelessly to achieve and surpass.

We build better every time

With innovation and refinement in every endeavor, we are committed to elevating the standard of our work consistently

We care about outcomes over egos

We prioritize what we can accomplish together, celebrating the results of our collective effort above individual contributions

Our Testimonials

It is important to us that our partners feel like their decision to join MCA has put them in a better position than before. Take a look below to see what some of our owner dentists are saying about MCA Dental.

Owner Dentist

London ON

Our long-term plan for choosing MCA has begun to come to fruition. Running a dental practice had become a full-time job of its own. Sometimes that led to being overwhelmed when combining that with treating patients. We wanted to have a say in our work environment including but not limited to any changes that were made as we continue to grow our office/handle the ever-changing landscape. MCA has been supportive, dependable, and true to their word on giving us independence where we need it along with help when required to begin being “just” dentists again. Really looking forward to the future!

Owner Dentist

Stratford ON

We were finding our focus was being pulled further and further away from dentistry and more and more to running the practice. We felt we were at a stage where we needed to refocus on being dentists and on patient care. MCA seemed like the perfect solution for us and their philosophy of not changing our system was really appealing.

Owner Dentist

Ottawa ON

My experience with MCA has been incredibly enjoyable so far. The strong leadership and the sense of community across all the offices has been very rewarding to be a part of. MCA gave my partner and I a chance to grow our passion for dentistry into something bigger than we could imagine and the experience has far exceeded our expectations.

Owner Dentist

Brampton ON

Working with MCA has been a positive experience. The transition has been well throughout and they have allowed me to have a voice in how we as a group move forward. I feel that I am supported as I move along with growing my offices.

Owner Dentist

London ON

The team at MCA has made the transition process very comfortable by accommodating the specific needs and processes of our office and have tried their very best to retain all staff.

Owner Dentist

Ottawa ON

This has been an amazing and exciting experience to be able to see our region grow from its beginning and be able to put our mark on our own region is a rare opportunity. We are grateful to have that with MCA.

Want to join us?
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