About Us

Keeping you connected to a network of like-minded entrepreneurial dentists

How It All Started

MCA started with a strong desire to elevate dentistry and change the landscape of corporate dentistry as we know it.

Longtime friends Dr. Mark McCullough and Ken Craig realized there was a better way for dental practices in Canada to operate and thrive. As a respected dentist with several practices in the Ottawa/Gatineau region, Mark understood firsthand the difficulties of managing HR, marketing, procurement and growing his practices. Fortunately, he knew Ken was a successful entrepreneur with a track record of building strong teams. After some discussion, Mark and Ken realized they could join forces and create a business that would allow dentists to provide excellent patient care while growing professionally. That’s how MCA was born.

Not Your Traditional DSO

MCA does not work with every dentist looking to sell their practice. We are strategic and selective with the partners we take on because we strongly believe that our success is attributed to working with like-minded dental teams.

We offer a unique regional partnership model, with flexible opportunities tailored to each transaction. Each of our regions is dentist led, with a strong line of communication to each member of the executive team.


Our mission is to build Canada’s largest network of profitable patient-driven and employee-focused dental practices.


Our vision is to ensure our dentists have the freedom they deserve while doing what they love.

Our Values

Our values are not based on fancy buzz words but rather the true way in which we work together. They are listed in order of importance.

01. We take care of each other

The only way we succeed is by making sure our teams are supported.

02. We build better every time

We aren’t perfect but we know that if we stumble along the way, we dust ourselves off and do better next time.

03. We step up and lift others up

Our people take initiative and help each other get to the finish line together.

04. We care about outcomes over egos

We may not always agree on the best way to do things but what we can agree on is doing what’s best for the collective.