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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

How will my team and I be integrated into your company once my transaction closes? Who is responsible for that?

Upon the successful closure of your transaction, our integration process is meticulously designed to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for you and your team into our organization. Here’s how we facilitate this:
Onsite Due Diligence and Assessment: Prior to integration, our team conducts a comprehensive onsite due diligence process. This involves evaluating your current operations, understanding your team’s dynamics, and identifying any specific needs and opportunities for enhancements. This phase is crucial for tailoring our integration strategy to suit your unique situation.
Customized Integration Plan: Based on the insights gained during the onsite assessment, we develop a customized integration plan. This plan outlines the steps we will take to integrate your operations, align your team with our corporate culture, and introduce you to our systems and processes. We focus on preserving the best practices that have contributed to your success, while also leveraging our resources to foster growth and improvement.
Dedicated Integration Team: The Integration team is made up of experienced professionals from various departments, assigned to oversee your transition. This team is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the integration are handled efficiently and with the utmost care and will work with you throughout the transition.
Continuous Communication: Open and continuous communication is key to a successful integration. Our Operations team maintains regular contact with you and your team throughout the process, providing updates, addressing any concerns, and ensuring that the transition is proceeding smoothly.
Hands-On Support: From day one, you and your team will receive hands-on support and training from our operations team and other routine stakeholders from various departments. We believe in a hands-on approach during the initial stages to ensure that you feel fully supported and confident in navigating our systems and processes.
Post-Integration Support: Even after the integration is formally complete, our support doesn’t end. We provide ongoing assistance and resources to ensure that you and your team continue to thrive within our organization. Our goal is to build a long-lasting partnership that fosters mutual growth and success.
Our comprehensive approach to integration is designed to minimize disruptions and maximize the potential for success. By combining thorough onsite due diligence with customized plans and dedicated support, we ensure that the transition into our company is not just seamless, but also a positive step forward for you and your team.

What changes will occur in my practice after I sell?

Understanding the concerns and expectations you might have about selling your practice is vital to us. We want to reassure you that our primary goal is to honour and uphold the legacy you’ve built. The essence of your practice—the ethos, the patient care standards, and the community presence—will be preserved and respected.
Upon joining MCA, we focus on a seamless transition, aiming to maintain the unique identity of your practice while gradually integrating our support and resources. Here’s what you can expect:
Streamlined Processes: We’ll collaboratively work to streamline operational processes, enhancing efficiency without compromising the quality of patient care. This includes optimizing appointment scheduling, patient management, and administrative workflows.
Integrated Support Functions: Our expertise in HR, procurement, marketing, and payroll will be at your disposal. By integrating these functions, we can alleviate the administrative burdens often shouldered by dental practices, allowing you and your team to focus more on patient care.
Continued Professional Development: We believe in the growth and development of our dental teams. You’ll have access to ongoing education and professional development opportunities, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of dental practices and patient care innovations.
Enhanced Patient Experience: With our support in operational and administrative aspects, your practice will be better positioned to enhance the patient experience. This could range from reduced wait times to more accessible dental care services.
In short, the changes you’ll see aim to strengthen the foundation of your practice, ensuring its growth and sustainability without losing sight of what makes it special. We’re here to support you, not to overhaul what you’ve built. Together, we’ll work to enhance your practice’s operations while keeping its heart and soul intact.

What support structure and resources do you have in place to help me after I sell my practice?

After selling your practice to MCA, you’ll join a comprehensive support system dedicated to your success and peace of mind. Our integration framework is at the heart of this support, ensuring you benefit from an extensive range of services designed to optimize operations, reduce administrative burdens, and foster growth. Here’s how we support you:
Human Resources (HR) and Recruitment: We provide full HR support, from managing employee relations and benefits to recruiting and retaining top talent. Our goal is to ensure you have a dedicated, skilled team to support your clinic’s needs without the hassle of handling HR tasks.
Procurement: Leveraging our extensive network, we offer access to competitive pricing on dental supplies and equipment. Our procurement services are designed to streamline your ordering process, ensuring you have the necessary materials without overextending your budget.
Marketing: Our marketing team works to enhance your clinic’s visibility and patient engagement through strategic marketing plans. From online presence to local advertising, we tailor our approach to fit your clinic’s unique needs, driving growth and patient satisfaction.
Payroll: We simplify your payroll process, ensuring your staff is paid accurately and on time. Our team handles all aspects of payroll management, including tax filings and compliance with regulations, so you can focus on providing excellent dental care.
Operational Support: Beyond these services, our team provides ongoing operational support, advising on best practices and innovative solutions to improve clinic efficiency and patient experience. Whether it’s enhancing your booking system or streamlining patient flow, we’re here to assist.
By partnering with us, you’re not just selling your practice; you’re gaining a partner committed to your continued success.

What type of equity am I getting?

Our transactions are conducted entirely in cash, which enables our partners to witness and contribute to the growth and enhancement of their clinics during the transition. In contrast, some competing Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) might offer a portion of the purchase price in the form of equity in the overarching DSO. We find this method less appealing for several reasons: Firstly, it limits the dental partners’ ability to influence or benefit directly from the performance and value of their individual shares, as these are dependent on the collective success of the DSO rather than the specific achievements of their own clinic. Secondly, in situations where the DSO is not publicly traded, it can be difficult for shareholders to sell their stake or realize the value of their investment due to the lack of a straightforward market for the exchange of these shares.

How is my practice’s EBITDA calculated?

Calculating EBITDA is an intricate process that requires close collaboration, especially with the vendor’s accounting team. We start by gathering all relevant financial data and production reports from the clinic to internally calculate its EBITDA. We then organize detailed discussions with the dental partner to carefully examine the calculation, making sure to adjust and normalize each item accurately, thereby excluding any extraordinary events and items not related to the business. Through this comprehensive approach, we ensure the EBITDA genuinely represents the business’s actual performance.

How long does it take you to close a transaction once I sign an LOI?

After signing the LOI, the dental partner will need to supply additional practice information to facilitate the completion of our complete due diligence process. The sooner the partner provides this business information, the sooner we can finalize the transaction. On average, we’ve successfully closed transactions within 3-4 months of signing the LOI.

Once I sign an LOI, is there a chance that our deal may not go through?

The likelihood of the deal not going through after signing an LOI is very low. Unless unforeseen detrimental surprises emerge during our due diligence process that were not disclosed earlier, the deal is expected to proceed as planned.