Giving Back

Our legacy is measured by the way we support the communities in which we operate.
“At MCA Dental Group, we strive to become an industry leader in giving back. We understand that our communities support the work that we do at MCA Dental Group and we feel strongly about continually supporting these communities in any way we can.”

Meet our Mascot


We Are Always Striving To Make Our Patients Feel Cared For And Comfortable When They Visit Our Clinics. All The Way Down To Our Youngest Ones.​

We are thrilled to share with you a project we have been working on for a very long time. Join us in welcoming our mascot, currently available at our Ottawa & Gatineau clinics as we pilot the project. Our mascot will soon be joining our patients in all our clinics.

Fun Fact: All our models in this promo video are MCA staff and their children. Members of our corporate team graciously brought their children in on a Saturday morning to help us film this video.

Smile Together Grant Program

The Smile Together Grant Program was aimed at providing free dental care to those who were financially impacted by Covid-19. We all watched in dismay as our “normal” lives changed so rapidly due to the pandemic. Many people in our communities lost their jobs, which meant they also lost their insurance coverage. This is why we wanted to help. Oral health is such an integral part of maintaining a healthy immune system and we wanted to make sure that members of our communities were taking care of themselves. That can sometimes be difficult if you’ve lost your livelihood or your insurance coverage. The grant program covered up to 1000$ of free dental services for 20 recipients. Each recipient was invited to apply and tell us their story. Grant recipients were chosen based on the greatest need.

Free Dental Day with MCA

At our inaugural Free Dental Day with MCA on June 17, 2017, our team of inspired volunteers and sponsors came together to host an event at one of our proud member’s clinic, Connexion Dental in Ottawa. The clinical team with the help of the volunteers worked together to provide over $30,000 in free dental services to nearly 100 patients who otherwise, would not have received needed dental care. In 2018, we provided dental services to 83 patients. We are looking forward to helping the community once again at our event on September 14th, 2019.

CHEO & Pediatric Oncology

Dr. Mark McCullough and Dr. Timothy Winlow of MCA Dental Group through their volunteer work with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CEO) and the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) After-Care Team have provided dental care to approximately 10 patients per year, totaling over 70 survivors since 2011.


This year we held two successful Dental Student Clinical Mentorship Days which were held on March 11th and July 8th, 2019 attracting first-year and fourth-year dental students.


Brush-a-mania is a program that promotes good oral and overall health to elementary school children across Canada every April during Oral Health Month. Dentists visit schools to educate students on the importance of oral health. In 2019, we presented Brush-a-mania at three elementary schools: General Vanier Public School, Steve Maclean Public School and Manotick Montessori. MCA Dental Group’s co-founder, Dr. Mark McCullough, and Dr. Melvin Lee were on CTV News to promote Brush-a-mania here in Ottawa.

Love Your Selfie

Screenshot 2022-01-12 155230

In the spring of 2021, we wanted to change the life of a member of our community. We partnered with The New Hot 89.9 radio station in Ottawa to offer $7000 in free dentistry services by way of their Love Your Selfie Contest. The contest winner was a woman who had entered the contest on behalf of her dad. For the duration of the contest, she posted several times a day, photos with her dad and explanations as to why he should be the deserving winner. A heart attack survivor and selfless father who had spent years in pain, unable to eat many foods. Over the course of about 6 months, Dr. McCullough worked with the patient to restore his oral health. His last appointment with us was the day before his daughter was getting married. We were thrilled to be able to help him smile proudly in those pictures.

Holiday Food Drive

In 2020, the MCA Corporate Head Office and all clinics in the Ottawa/Gatineau region participated in a Food Drive Competition. We challenged our clinics to gather as many non-perishable food items as possible and the clinic with the most items would win. The Ottawa clinics gathered food items for the Ottawa Food Bank and our clinics in Gatineau did so for Moisson Outaouais. We had such an outpouring of participation, that this will now become an annual tradition for our teams. We hope to begin expanding this initiative into new regions. We firmly believe that we have a duty to provide support to the communities we serve.