MCA Dental Group Announces Partnership with Persistence Capital Partners

OTTAWA- [Aug 31, 2019]- MCA Dental Group Limited (“MCA”), a dental service organization headquartered in Ottawa, is pleased to announce their partnership with Persistence Capital Partners (“PCP”), a leading private equity fund focused exclusively on investing in high-growth opportunities in Canadian healthcare. While an initial partnership was established in early 2018, this announcement comes with a new round of investment.

“Partnering with PCP was an easy choice for us, knowing the firm has a long history of supporting and advancing Canadian healthcare companies made them an ideal partner,” says Ken Craig, Chief Executive Officer of MCA. “This investment will not only allow us to bring in the best talent to our team but will also accelerate our investments into more practices across the country.”

Founded in 2017 by Mr. Craig and Dr. Mark McCullough, Chief Dental Officer, MCA partners with dentists across Canada by providing the services and capital required to continue growing their dental practices. MCA supports its dental partners in all aspects of their practice management allowing them to focus on their business and dentistry goals.