Dr. Caroline Tabi
Smiile Dental Center

Q. What led you to dentistry?

I became a dentist in 2009 after graduating from the University of Montreal. I always knew I wanted a career in the medical field without exactly knowing I wanted to go into dentistry. As a child, I had many bad experiences at the dentist. Therefore, I knew how important it was for me to treat patients differently than how I was treated. As a result, I focused on painless dentistry and patient care. I constantly attend training courses in order to improve my skills and keep up to date with the constant evolution of dentistry (continuing education in clinical management, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, etc.). Additionally, I try to be as personable with my patients to ensure that they have the best experience possible.

Q. Why did you join MCA?

I joined MCA Dental Group in 2017 so I could focus on growing Smiile Dental Centre. My goal is to continue developing Smiile clinics throughout Quebec. I’ve always dreamt of having a large dental practice, where I could help all types of patients. The opportunity to partner with MCA allows me to achieve that goal. I knew MCA Dental Group was the right DSO for Smiile Dental Centre because they share the same principles and dental philosophy as I do which is focusing on dental excellence and patient care. My hope is to encourage other dentists to join the Smiile family and become an amalgamation of many different clinics with similar principles and dental philosophy.

Q. What drives you as dentist?

As a dentist, I am currently more driven towards esthetics. I have been growing my practice mainly around Invisalign, veneers, and crowns. However, these past two years I have been shifting my focus towards being a leader for our other dentists and staff. Smiile Dental Centre currently has 50 employees so, my goal is to ensure that they are all motivated and focused on patient care. It is extremely important to me that every staff member at our clinic is working hard to ensure all patients are happy and want to return to our clinic.