Dr. Timothy Winlow
Aylmer Dentistry

Q. What led you to dentistry?

My path to dentistry was not conventional. In fact, when I started university, I thought I would end up a teacher. I completed my undergraduate degree at Trent University in French Literature. After I was done, I decided to head to France for a year to teach English as a second language. When I got back from France, I figured it was time to buckle down and get going on my path to becoming a teacher. That’s when I started my MA at the university of Montreal. After about a month, I realized this profession may not be for me. At the time, Mark had started his own dentistry practice and I was intrigued by how he spoke about his work, so I decided to spend some time shadowing him. I quickly decided that I wanted to be a dentist and went back to school, this time at McGill and completed my dentistry degree in 2009. In 2010, I went to work with Mark at Holland Cross and in 2012 we purchased the Aylmer practice.

Q. Why did you join MCA?

I probably would not have thought about joining a DSO but as Mark and Ken looked to grow MCA and wanted practices in Quebec, they approached me. I thought it would be a good investment opportunity, but I still had to decide if this was what I wanted. Mark’s strongest character points are that he is generous and conscientious of the needs of his partners, so he wanted to make sure we were making the right decision that matched how I ultimately wanted to work. Although I have a great team in my clinic, they don’t have the diversity of skill sets that are available at MCA. It was important for me to be backed by a strong team at a higher level. Mark has always been a mentor to me, so I trusted his advice. Having a network of support staff, along with the professional association was something I wouldn’t be able to have access to on my own. I know I can count on the team at MCA to help me run the clinic efficiently and support initiatives around employee retention, marketing, etc.

Q. What drives you as dentist

Surgery. I love surgery and if I had started my studies earlier, I would have specialized in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. I love the medical aspect that I can get from dentistry. Other that that I love developing relationships with my patients. Knowing that I offered them a great service gives me immense satisfaction. It’s also important for me to give back to the community through mentorship of other dentists. Mark and I have also given free dental services to oncology patients at CHEO which just makes me incredibly proud about the work that we do.