Our Regional Model

Regional Partnerships

We partner with local doctor-entrepreneurs across Canada to enable them to grow their dental clinic group by providing them with the tools they need.

Whether the needs are additional capital, acquisition pipeline & execution services, strategic guidance, or any of our a-la-carte back-office services, we have the team to support your group.

This means our partners can retain common equity ownership in their business alongside us and benefit from the overall MCA network.   This unique model provides higher expected relative valuation because it puts more dollars in your pocket at our next liquidity event. With us, our partners can focus on what they love to do, whether it is business development, dentistry, management, and even mentorship.  This allows our partners to off-load what they don’t want to do on our support team.

Acquisition Criteria

Since we have a national presence, our acquisition criteria is fairly general.

For dentists that would like to partner with us to grow their group of practices, we look for them to have:

Established group of clinics anywhere in Canada

Entrepreneurial mind-set and drive to grow

Preferably an existing acquisition pipeline

Multi-Associate Single Practices & General Acquisitions

Our overall partnership-driven growth platform enables us to offer an enticing solution for dentists that want to fully sell their clinic to us to transition out of the business, retire, or purely focus on dentistry rather than management.

With us, such dentists are selling to one of MCA’s local regional groups. In other words, they are dealing with a local dentist-entrepreneur who understands their practice and the community it serves.  This makes all our regions 100% doctor led, allowing each region to truly benefit from the expertise of another dentist experienced in the business of buying and selling practices.

With that said, you still get all the benefits of dealing with a larger nationwide organization such as readily available financing, fully staffed M&A and legal team ready to close on the acquisition at an industry leading pace.