We’re here to give you the freedom you deserve

As a dental service organization, we partner with dentists across Canada to build practices that thrive.

We work with you, and your team members, to make you successful. That means a fun, positive office culture, increased productivity, professional opportunities, along with financial strength and stability you can count on. Not only do we support your clinic to grow, we help you expand your professional network as part of our nation-wide community of partners striving to make dentistry better.

Our track record of success in operational management, transition planning and business development, paired with our robust financial backing, makes us a strong partner to work with. When joining a larger group like MCA, the value of your practice increases, creating sound financial planning for your future. By fostering mutually respectful relationships with each partner and their team, we create genuine business relations built on collaboration, transparency and open communication.

How We Support Our Partners


Financial Backing

Understanding your capital structure and those of potential clinics you wish to acquire can be tricky. MCA has robust resources to help you navigate your acquisitions, business development and financing needs.


Our accounting department takes on the responsibility of managing funds across your practice; from accounts receivable and payroll to utility bills and rent, MCA Dental Group has you covered. With the number crunching taken care of, you’re able to spend more time with patients and loved ones.

Legal & Regulatory

MCA Dental Group’s team of legal advisors is at your disposal to ensure that all regulatory requirements are up to date. We work closely with legal advisors to create a practice structure that maximizes your success and creates a stable, lasting financial foundation.

Human Resources

We appreciate that every member of your team contributes to the success of your practice. Our comprehensive human resource support program covers everything from scheduling to benefits and internal policies, all geared toward helping team members perform at their best.


Whether your practice requires additional associates or team members to maintain your growth, our dedicated HR team manages recruitment on your behalf. We strive to hire passionate and qualified dental professionals who connect with the culture you have created.

Continuing Education

Building leaders and furthering their professional development is one of MCA’s priorities. Not only do we offer the opportunity for you and your team to take part in our in-house dental training and seminars, but we also proudly offer mentoring programs that benefit every level of dental professional.


By focusing on market research and public relations, MCA Dental Group can offer custom marketing strategies for both your practice and the group as a whole. By leveraging the expertise of our marketing team, we can expand patient outreach and bolster your practice’s recognition in the community.


By joining MCA Dental Group, your practice benefits from our close relationships with top dental supply companies where you can receive your preferred supplies at a reduced cost. With the state-of-the-art equipment and technology available to your practice, you can offer new services to your patients.