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Why Choose MCA?

At MCA, we are committed to being an expert in our field.

We’re here to give you the autonomy you deserve.

As a leading dental service organization, our mission is to collaborate with dentists throughout Canada, fostering the growth of thriving dental practices.
By teaming up with us, you and your staff will benefit from a vibrant, positive work environment that boosts productivity, offers numerous professional development opportunities, and ensures financial stability and security.
Our proven expertise in operational management, transition strategies, and business growth, backed by solid financial resources, establishes us as a strong working ally. Joining MCA not only enhances the value of your practice but also lays the foundation for sound financial planning for your future. We prioritize building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and their teams, emphasizing collaboration, transparency, and open communication to forge lasting business connections.

We are committed to being an expert in our field.

Our Mission

Our goal is to establish the most extensive and successful network
of dental practices in Canada, prioritizing patient satisfaction and
employee engagement.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide our dentists with the autonomy they need to
pursue their passion in dentistry.

Our partnership promise
Our commitment is to ensure the continuity and stability of what you have built while jointly exploring new avenues for growth.


Our purpose is to support your growth. With everything from back-office assistance to clinical mentorship, we’re dedicated to ensuring the success of your practice. Right from the beginning of our partnership, you’ll gain access to our leadership team and an outstanding network of partner dentists, all committed to your prosperity.


We aim to empower our partners to influence and make a difference in their respective areas. Your insights and the preservation of your contributions are important to us. In choosing our partners, we look beyond financial considerations to how their expertise can enrich the entire MCA community.

Clinical Collaboration

We assist your practice in developing resilience and efficiency that align with your team’s culture. Our approach includes offering adaptable solutions tailored to your team’s requirements and providing a platform for cross-clinic collaboration.


Our foundation is rooted in integrity, openness, and straightforward communication. We uphold a flat organizational structure, ensuring every team member is readily available to you.


Our mission is to amplify your goals, whether that’s increasing your market presence, freeing up more time in your schedule, or initiating your exit strategy. The decision is entirely up to you.

Our Services

We’re excited about working together in a way that synergizes our strengths. Your legacy is safe with us; our focus is on supporting and accelerating your growth. Let us help you by taking on the day-to-day tasks.

Human Resources

We recognize the vital role each team member plays in your practice’s success. Our extensive human resources support program encompasses a range of services, including scheduling, benefits, and internal policies, all designed to enable your team to excel. 


Whether your practice requires additional associates or team members to maintain your growth, our dedicated HR team manages recruitment on your behalf. We strive to hire passionate and qualified dental professionals who connect with the culture you have created.

Financial Backing

Understanding the intricacies of your capital structure and that of clinics you aim to acquire might be complex. MCA is equipped with substantial resources to guide you through your acquisitions, business growth, and financing requirements.


The accounting team at MCA Dental Group shoulders the task of overseeing your practice’s finances, covering everything from accounts receivable and payroll to utility payments and rent. With us handling the financial details, you can dedicate more time to your patients and family.


Through dedicated efforts in market research and public relations, MCA Dental Group delivers tailored marketing strategies for your practice and the group collectively. Utilizing our marketing team’s expertise, we aim to enhance patient engagement and elevate your practice’s visibility within the community.


Joining MCA Dental Group allows your practice to take advantage of our strong partnerships with leading dental supply companies, ensuring access to your preferred supplies at lower prices. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment, your practice can introduce new services to your patients.

Legal & Regulatory

MCA Dental Group’s team of legal advisors is at your disposal to ensure that all regulatory requirements are up to date. We work closely with legal advisors to create a practice structure that maximizes your success and creates a stable, lasting financial foundation.

Continuing Education

Fostering leadership and advancing professional growth ranks high on MCA’s agenda. We not only provide you and your team with access to our exclusive dental training and seminars, but we also take pride in offering mentoring programs designed to enrich dental professionals at every career stage.